We are rebuilding our page and have decided to set our community to English - finally.

This is most likely the first time you have heard of me - Dultus or this website;

Q: Who are you?
A: I am no one special - yet. I am a Software Developer from Germany who is just very interested in the topics programming, gaming and video creation.

Q: What is this website?
A: It is going to be the main hotspot of my community next to Discord. I will upload my programs and mods here and will do playlists for my future YouTube videos here.

Q: What programs are you working on?
A: I'm working on different programs - they might have something to do with gaming, or not at all. With my tools, I am just going to help people in some ways via free software (without ads) that I create.

Q: What about mods?
A: I am a Mod Creator on Nexusmods; mainly for the game Skyrim. However, depending on new games (or what I'm up to) I will do mods or creations for those games as well.

Q: Are you working on any videos?
A: Yes, I will release a couple of videos (mainly on YouTube) of which will be tutorials for beginners, mod reviews and/or game reviews. Perhaps Let's Plays at some point too.

Q: Any other reviews?
A: I will do reviews for a couple of things. This will include me buying stuff for private use and writing a review about it.

Q: Will you stream?
A: That is on my to-do list. I've always wanted to stream but never found the time for myself, and my internet doesn't give me the choice to do so right now.

Q: When will go live?
A: The exact time is uncertain. I hope it won't take too long because I am excited to finally build up a lot of stuff on my own. A countdown will start as soon as I am ready for it.

To follow me you can either join me on Discord (link below) or send a friend request to "Dultus#0001".
Optionally I am active on Twitter as well and you can get me there.
My support email address works as well:

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Thank you for reading!

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